Black Eye Racing

Been a busy few weeks that started by using my face as a brake at the local style jam  Slope of Style….

After a few days of healing Olly, Joe and myself headed out for our first hoon on a real set of slalom cones. Had a blast but was left wondering how fast we were going.

I decided that it was about time Uglie Carnie built a race timer! I wanted something that was :

1) Wireless with a 1-2km range

2) Simple to use

3) Rechageable

4) Robust

5) Can start either a DH race with a buzzer OR a slalom run when a rider rolls over the start tape switch.

Finished prototype start gate:

The system works very well and gives all riders, relative to each other very accurate times. The track switch plugs in using heavy duty cable and large solid 6.5mm PA style connectors. The tape is very sensitive and has circuity to account for the front and rear wheels rolling over the switch. The 90db start buzzer can be turned off if you are using the tape switch to start the clock or left on to give an audible confirmation of the clock starting. The system should plug into most walkie-talkies and will transmit the required start commands so long as there is reception. The charger plugs into the rear of the unit and should last a few days of use between charges.

October 12th, 2010

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