The proof is in the smile

Tom dropped by to pick up his new weapon of mass stokage!

I am more than happy with the way this board came out, it has a solid feel and will take the beating tom is going to punish this board with thanks to its wooden rails and balsa construction. The flex is dialled in for Tom to give just a hint of give nose to tail but torsionally this board is like a rock and has the responsiveness that other boards will only ever be able to dream of.

The extra hotcoats did wonders for the black finish with the red of the print giving this board that little bit extra lushness.

Cant wait for your first ride report Tom!

March 9th, 2010

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Hotcoated and looking fine!

Just a few truck holes and its done!

March 3rd, 2010

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Pinlined longboards like crazy!

Well I’m just stoked! The infusion went really well and the cook in the oven has been kind and I cant wait to finish this board tomorrow! The bottom will be getting a clear epoxy hotcoat to bring out the gloss of the fabric and let the two kevlar pinlines pop. The concave is very comfy and the board has just a whisper of flex and torsionally is feels like it is made from solid stiffioonium.

I will trim the template and shape the rails a little tomorrow before dropping the hot coat and lushing this board up.

March 2nd, 2010

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And I’m back!!

After far to long away from the workshop I have returned with a fresh mind and built up stoke! I have infused my first high temp mould and on top have strapped the bastard child of Little Mr Bigwood and the Plushmout for the Auckland local shredder Tom Hornye. For over 3 months has this grom waited for this board and to say sorry for being a lay bum I have hooked him up with a board I am tempted to keep for myself!

The board is a full custom board that has a balsa for a light but strong core that is divided between 6 individual glass torsion boxes. I added 6 more carbon torsion stringers to the belly of this beast for added responsiveness while still maintaining a little nose to tail dampening. The plush mount system on the Little Mr Bigwood template will create a wicked board for all your high speed cornering requirements!

This construction takes the best of many of my concepts and ties them together for a light but robust board that will have very snappy torsional response. Nose to tail the board will have just enough give to take the edge of a rough road as no one likes numb feet and aching knees.

All of the internal structure is protected with a black cotton that has a very dark blood red print set off with two golden kevlar pinlines split by a single carbon pinline. The resin infused rails have darkened to a deep brown that with the nose and tail blocks frames one my best layups to date!

I must say thanks to Tom for waiting for far to long but I hope this build makes it up to you! The board shot up like a dream and the oven is booked for first thing in the morning so expect to be able to pick this board up later this week! Alex, that the base of your mould getting cooked of under this board so guess who is up next!

March 1st, 2010

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