Uglie Carnie Boutique Shaperie and Laboratories specialises in formulating delicious longboards using premium raw material, technology and stoke. Founded in late 1998 by Jestah Carnie because of the lack of quality product available in New Zealand at the time. Uglie Carnie since has developed a very unique and progressive line of equipment to cater to you, the discerning longboard connoisseur.

Plush mount

At Uglie Carnie we do not use hype, flashy marketing or the promises that one board will be perfect for every style of skating. Rather, we have a growing range of boards that rely on the simple fact that after your first session on your new Uglie Carnie we know you will understand why each board is designed for a purpose, that it is the best possible solution for a specific task, and that by making no sacrifices the result is a ride of pure luxury!

spine infusion

Each board is crafted to work in harmony with the rider and create a luscious ride that lets you forget about the board and focus on the simple joy of a deep carve, a crowded footpath, an epic mountain road, a long nose wheelie, tight hairpins, a perfect cross-step, a starters orders or a mellow roll with a few good friends and smiles all round.

go skateday 2009

“Uglie Carnie Longboards grew from my own need to have something more than a two by four between me and the road; I was not satisfied by the heavy and unresponsive boards available in stores. For the past 12 years I have spent countless hours of learning, building and testing enough boards to fill any self respecting kiwi blokes shed! I demand only the best from my products because I know that the only thing that matters, when I am standing at the top of a hill, is me and the board under my feet.” Jestah Carnie

Remembering surfing roots of yesterday
grasping technology of tomorrow
riding your wildest delusion

Uglie Carnie