Uglie Carnie Soundsystem!`

For far too long the sound systems electronics were just screwed to a scrap of wood with a jumble of wires… Not any longer!

This system is all about efficiency as it has to run for at least 5hours on a single battery charge. This is achieved by taking a ipod line out and feeding that into a tube buffer preamp and then over to the active cross over.

The crossover unit splits the incoming signal to a high and low line out.

I have placed each high efficiency 25w amp in its own enclosure that as you can see is stackable and can be added to as my stack of speakers grows.

I have most of the kinks of the system worked out but waiting on a replacement preamp and tube as this one is slightly crunchy but I can not track down exactly where that is coming from.

February 8th, 2012

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