Glue and bearings

Not the best combo but with some masking tape and putty I don’t think any epoxy will make it into the bearing.

Started by facing the hangers and setting at 124mm wide before filing the centre out of the bushing seat by hand. I was careful to make sure the hole was just tight enough that I would be able to press fit the bearing into the hanger. Decided to lock it in place with some epoxy just to make sure it will last the distance as well as providing some high build so I can sand in a flat surface for the bushing.

I was considering also adding a spherical to the base plate but many suggest that this makes the truck a little stiff. Decided to reshape the pivot as the original casting has a casting split line around this area that creates an oval pin. Really excited to run this truck tomorrow as the test fit suggested that this is going to be a very responsive truck

Expect photos as soon as I finish this truck!

March 16th, 2011

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