Getting buffed

You wont find me in any gym before dawn but on Friday morning around 5am I was down in the cave hand buffing the clear on each of the boards.

I will usually buff out with a power polisher but being so early and not wanting to have angry nabours I went for the manual method. I will first let the clear set up for as long as possible (one day at least or less if you can get it under some heat). If the clear is still slightly gummy it will not buff out so try to be patient. I apply a good blob of cutting compound and give it a solid rub in with a stiff foam block. This knocks off any dust that landed on your board while it dried and flattens out any light orange peel from to heavy clear application. Let it dry to a haze and then buff out with a new clean cloth.

This is the possible results with the right products, tools and around 4 hours of sanding!

February 27th, 2011

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