Wet sanding before a clear skin

This is the post second fill coat finish. still a bit lumpy so you need to now once again flatten it out. This was almost flat so I decided to take the gamble and not use any more epoxy.

I have my fingers crossed that I can flatten this ready for a clear coat with out any more epoxy. I didnt want to risk any burning so I went for a 400 grit wet and dry on a flat stiff (but not solid like wood) foam block.

I like to slowly rotate from strokes at 0,45,90,-45 patterns and sanding until the full surface texture is solidly all the current direction. This helps bring things done evenly

Keep sanding, wiping off then checking for low areas. The next spray coats don’t build much thickness so make sure things are as flat as you can, this board took around an hour and a half by hand.

First clear down, looking not to bad at all! I like to work quickly with well rattled can Don’t be tempted to hold the can close to the work as 3 distanced lighter passes is far better than one thick one with runs!

I misted a second coat down two hours later. Not sure if they will be hard enough to buff out tonight but fingers crossed…. Might have see if i can build a little heater box….

February 23rd, 2011

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