Black Eye Race Timers

Dreamed, designed, prototyped, built and tested…..

This is the final prototype of a wireless timing system. It works using a set of tweeked walkie talkies so your start line can be as far as 1-1.5 km from the finish!

Duel lane: The smaller box has a big red button for starting the race and sounding a LOUD buzzer and the timer box is at the finish with both track switches plugged in to it.
Single Lane: I like to run the timer box at the start line with one track switch plugged in and the big red button box at the finish with the other track switch plugged in. This method means that one rider can reset their time, lay down a run, HEAR they have crossed the finish as the buzzer sounds and but have to return to the start to get their time.

This is a pcb that did not make it past quality control before being set to the etching tanks, printing fine traces is tricky and making sure every trace is good before removing all that copper is even harder!

Here is what it looks like with less copper and more components! There is definatly going to be a small error in all displayed times due to transmission time but both lanes are always within 0.05 of a second to each other so lane to lane it is very fair.

Any questions or comments?

January 31st, 2011

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  1. dark1984 says:

    hi! great job! could you describe the walkietalkie interface schematics? i wish to biuld similar system for our mini-downhill races, and didn`t find any description on how to transmit data via walkietalkie radios. thx

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