I’m going to live to brew an other day!

wow, I managed to play with fire, propane, oxygen AND highly explodable canisters of butane all in the poor ventilation of my little laboratory… Didn’t even blow my self up or sustain any major burns… Missing a few eye lashes but no major burns!

This photo shows the water being heated and coming to a boil, this creates steam and pressure that forces the remaining hot water up the siphon tube where it cools to the low 90′s,  saturates the awaiting coffee grounds and starts the brewing process.

Once the brewing is completed the flame is removed causing the bottom camber to cool, the steam to colapse and vacuume to form drawing the liquid into the bottom and leaving all ground in top vessle . The above photo shows the water being held in the top vessle with vertualy no extra bubble to start reheating the brew water after kick-up giving the barista better control of the taste in the resulting cup of extremely clear delicious single origin coffee.

April 14th, 2010

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